Sunday, 2 February 2014

Discuss. As they say in the examination question paper.

Interesting interview with George Lakoff in Guardian online:

It is, plainly, the longstanding failure to protect nature that powers Lakoff's exasperation with liberals. "They don't understand their own moral system or the other guy's, they don't know what's at stake, they don't know about framing, they don't know about metaphors, they don't understand the extent to which emotion is rational, they don't understand how vital emotion is, they try to hide their emotion. They do everything wrong because they're miseducated. And they're proud of that miseducation. Oxford philosophy reigns supreme, right? Oxford philosophy is killing the world."
Do we agree? I do want to return to writing some literary ecotheory some time. Though actually the position here - anti-Cartesian most obviously - is not so far from the place I currently am in my account of the thought of Ted Hughes, that great ecowarrior and ecoworrier.

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