Friday, 18 January 2013

Shakespeare Authorship

This, surely, is one of the great contributions to The Shakespeare Authorship Debate:


  1. haha, very good. Sums up just how rediculous the modern obsession with conspiracy theories can be.

  2. Or, as world renowned Elizabethan scholar Ian Donaldson noted: What if Shakespeare didn’t write the works attributed to him? What if these were really the writings of the Earl of Oxford? These are legitimate and provocative questions, which literary and historical scholars ignore at their own peril.

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  4. If William Shakespeare didn't write his own plays (aided in small part by his colleagues), then why on earth would the people of Stratford give him the honour of burying him (and later his close family) INSIDE their town's best church?

    All his contemporaries say he wrote them, and nobody for 250yrs after his death, said he didn't.